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Learning your notes is just the first step to attaining a good choral sound, but it is also one of the most fundamental. Ideally choir members learn their notes prior to each rehearsal so that precious rehearsal time can be spent refining and enhancing the overall sound.

Unfortunately, there are a number of obstacles in the singer’s path that can prevent them from being fully prepared prior to each rehearsal:

These are the sorts of problems we aim to help you solve!

How Does It Work?

The rehearsal tracks hosted on this site are designed to provide consistent, easy access to rehearsal resources throughout the duration of the concert season.

For each piece, multiple versions are provided: one for each voice part, with three difficulty levels to help the singer gain confidence. Particularly difficult pieces even offer a slowed-down version to help work through tricky passages.

Each rehearsal track provided can be used either online or offline. In our special online player, singers get accurate measure and page numbers throughout the piece, plus the ability to immediately jump to any measure or page.

For offline use, singers simply download an MP3 file which can be loaded onto an iPod or burned to a CD.


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